Hi, I'm Emma Mattison.

I'll be your partner in embracing a healthier, stronger future. With certifications in personal training, nutrition coaching, and functional aging, I'm not just an expert—I'm your ally. My holistic approach isn't about quick fixes; it's about sustainable changes that resonate with your life's experience and ambitions.
About Emma Mattison Fitness


  • Customized to Fit Your Life

    Forget one-size-fits-all. After a detailed survey, embark on a program that reflects your individual goals, needs, and lifestyle.

  • Science-Backed Strategies

    Leverage my expertise in Exercise Science to engage in workouts designed for mature adults, combining safety with effective results.

  • Flexible Payment Options

    Committing to your health shouldn’t break the bank. Explore our accessible payment plans that respect your financial comfort.

  • Tailored for Mature Adults

    Engage with functional fitness programs that understand and address the specific health aspirations of individuals 40 and older.

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“Emma is extremely knowledgeable about exercise and movement and is focused on helping people of the age of 45. Emma has helped me to have more confident my everyday activities as well as pushing my limits in my workouts, as she taught me techniques that were customized to my age and condition. Workouts are through very focused videos. I only worked with her for three months, but feel years younger thanks to my increased agility.”

Chris Fricke

“Emma provides a top notch program. Comprehensive and dynamic. Not only does it work on improving your endurance but also provided corrective exercises to help address areas of weakness and improve overall posture and functionality.”

Hanadi Buali

“If you are looking for a true professional fitness instructor/ coach then Emma is your answer! She is so engaged in your health from detailed diet plans to specific training. Emma helped me continue my rehab from shoulder surgery and physical therapy to a moderate game plan to get me back on track. You will be very happy with the results and her dedication. Thanks Emma”

Tom Katsiaficas

“Working with Emma has been the best investment that I could have done for myself. There’s such a vast amount of information on how to eat/exercise that I needed help narrowing down the exorbitant amount of details. She prescribes specifically designed exercises (to help improve weaknesses and enhance strengths). She creates and implements perfect amount of delicious macronutrient ratios to fit a healthy lifestyle. All of this has ultimately changed my life forever. It was exactly what I was looking for, plus way more. It’s been a very positive and productive experience!”

Angie McK


Benefit from a NASM-certified personal trainer specializing in senior fitness, functional aging, and nutrition coaching, committed to your vibrant living.

national academy of sports medicine certified
the university of arizona bachelors of science
concordia university saint paul graduate
functional aging institute certified
arhanta yoga certified
open the door to tai chi certified


  • Q: What makes these fitness programs suitable for adults over 40?

    A: I've carefully designed these programs to meet the unique health and wellness needs of adults over 40. Understanding that our bodies and goals change as we age, I incorporate functional exercises, flexibility training, and nutritional advice tailored to enhance your mobility, strength, and vitality. It's all about ensuring you enjoy an active, fulfilling life.

  • Q: How are these programs personalized for each participant?

    A: While the programs are premade, I've developed them to accommodate diverse fitness levels and objectives that are common in adults over 40. When you choose a program, you'll fill out a comprehensive survey that helps pinpoint the plan that best aligns with your fitness status, medical background, and personal health goals. This way, even though the program is premade, it's still targeted to your needs.

  • Q: I’m new to formal fitness programs. How do I know which program is right for me?

    A: I understand that starting a new fitness regimen can be daunting, which is why I've put a system in place to guide you. The initial survey you complete is instrumental in identifying the right program for you. It considers your current fitness level, any existing health conditions, and your ultimate wellness goals. Based on your responses, you'll be directed to the program that is most suited to your situation.

  • Q: What qualifications do you have in fitness and nutrition?

    A: I am a NASM-certified Personal Trainer, nutrition coach, and a specialist in functional aging through the Functional Aging Institute (FAI). Additionally, I hold certifications in stretch and flexibility coaching and am a qualified virtual trainer. Currently, I am furthering my education with graduate studies in Exercise Science, with a concentration on exercise physiology and protocol development. Through the FAI, I also have numerous specific certifications in working with clients with joint replacements, kettlebells, as well as having my certification for Tai Chi.

  • Q: Are there flexible payment options for these programs?

    A: Absolutely, I believe that investing in your health shouldn’t be a financial burden. That's why I offer various payment plans to accommodate different budget needs. You have the option to pay in full for the complete program or select a payment plan that's spread over the duration of the program.

  • Q: What kind of support can I expect from these programs?

    A: While these programs are designed to be self-guided, I ensure that all the necessary resources you need to succeed, including detailed program guidelines, exercise descriptions, and nutritional advice (if applicable), are at your fingertips. However, for clients who need more hands-on support and accountability, I recommend exploring my 1-on-1 training options.


You're not just signing up for a program; you're investing in a new chapter of wellness and vigor. Let's take this step together.